GlenUniversity of Colorado Regent and Grand Junction resident, Glen Gallegos has announced that he will seek re-election in November, 2018. Gallegos has proven to be a valuable member during his first term. He has used his experience as a teacher, coach, public school administrator and businessman to help guide the CU system into becoming one of the best public university systems in the nation.
In addition, he has represented the third congressional district to establish partnerships between communities, local universities, K-12 educational systems, hospitals, legislators and CU. Glen’s ability to ask the tough questions and the leadership to move people to the right decisions and his experience and knowledge of the University will be helpful to CU and the challenges it faces. Glen is looking forward to your support and re-election to a second term.
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About Glen

Glen Gallegos is a former educator and retired president of operations at a family owned construction company. A Republican from Grand Junction, Glen was elected to the Board in 2013 and represents Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District.
Gallegos worked for 26 years as a teacher, coach, principal and Executive Director of Instruction for Eagle and Mesa County school districts. He retired in 1997 and joined the family construction business, The Gallegos’s Corporation, as President of Operations overseeing multiple projects in five states and a workforce of 1,000.
While on the Board of Regents, Gallegos has been extremely active in ensuring that the rural third district and students are represented. Glen has not missed a Regents meeting  has attended the majority of graduations on the four campuses, has listed a personal cell phone number and e-mail in order to hear from constituents, has visited multiple communities and brought CU personnel to various communities. In addition, Gallegos has served as chair of the Audit Committee twice, The Capital Construction Committee, twice, The Intercollegiate Athletic Committee, Vice Chair of the Board and currently is the Regent’s representative to the
hospital board.
Gallegos served on the Colorado Mesa University Board of Trustees appointed by Governor Bill Owens, is currently on the President’s advisory Council at Colorado Mesa University. He is also a Club 20 member and serves on the Governor’s statewide Education Council.
Gallegos is a native Coloradan, born in the San Luis Valley and attended school in Eagle County. He is the first College graduate in his family with degrees from Mesa Junior College, Western State University, The University of Northern Colorado and Post Doctoral work at  the University of Denver.
Gallegos and his wife, Diane, have been married for 43 years and have four children and three grandchildren. They live in Grand Junction.

First Term Highlights

  1. Low tuition and fees; about 3% the last three years.
  2. Record Student /enrollment; full campuses/ diversity without sacrificing standards.
  3. Record Research Dollars; 1.034 billion.
  4. Record private philanthropy; 382 million in 2017.
  5. Graduation Rate; Monitored yearly. Positive yearly results.
  6. Satisfaction survey; 95% of CU graduates are pleased with their education and opportunities a CU degree has provided.

  7. 3-5 year budget models instituted: Allows for future planning
  8. $165 million  addition to Folsom field; Most paid through fundraising dollars.
  9. CMU/CU engineering program expansion. Added Civil Engineering to already successful electrical engineering.
  10. Anschutz Medical Center; Promote health care for all Colorado residents and communities.
  11. Pre-Collegiate Programs; Program expanded in many school districts to prepare students for college. Seeing incredible results in the quality of in-state students applying.
  12. Lobbying efforts between CU and other legislators; Broadband, Campus freedom of speech legislation.
  13. Identification of over 300 CU programs across the state. CU is visible and relevant in rural Colorado.
  14. Increase in number of students from CD 3 schools attending a CU campus.
  15. Did away with the 4/20 marijuana celebration on CU; Boulder campus.
  16. Safety on Campus. Surveys done to assess issues. Now into a third year of implementing strategies.
  17. Free speech/Academic Freedom protected on campuses.
  18. Productivity study by all campuses. Studied all course offerings/ based on study. Courses no longer effective were dropped. New courses added go through process before they are added.
  19. Continued emphasis on efficiencies. Save an average of 3-5 million per year.

In a second term I will continue to fight for:

  1. Affordable tuition and fees
  2. Accessibility to a CU campus for all Colorado Students and Citizens
  3. Quality Education
  4. Representation of the third Congressional District
  5. A University that reflects and respects the diversity of students
  6. Promote and protect a free exchange of ideas in classrooms and throughout each campus. 

Experience and Expertise count! In a large complex organization like CU, that is so critical to families and the state, there is no time for “on the job training”  My background and experience and success in everything I have done  make me the logical choice to be re-elected to another term. I will continue to work hard for the third district and the people of Colorado. I am asking for your support.